Browse through our FAQs for more information on how to become a MOXO user.

Feel free to contact us for any additional support.

  • Question

    How can I start using the MOXO test in my clinic?

    Start using MOXO in your clinic in four simple steps:

    1. Click on “Discover MOXO” in www.neurotech-solutions.com/homepage to experience MOXO and open your MOXO account.
    2. Click on Contact us from your account. We will then contact you for more information.
    3. Approximately 48 hours after receiving this information, your status will be updated to Full Member in the system and you will receive authorization to purchase test packages.
    4. Purchase a test package using an online account and start using MOXO.
  • Question

    How can I buy a package of MOXO tests?

    1. In the main menu, hover over “more” and click the “Purchase online” link.
    2. In the packages page, click “select” on the desired package type.
    3. After selecting the package, click on “checkout”.
    4. Confirm “Order summary before payment” and then click “buy now”.
    5. Choose PayPal or credit card and then click “continue”.
    6. Click the link to return to the Neurotech site, once this process is completed.
  • Question

    Where can I see how many tests I have left?

    In the main menu, go to  “More” and “Subscriptions”. On this page you can see how many remaining tests you have from each subscription

  • Question

    I am unable to enter the account with my user name and password

    1. Check if you are typing in English or other language
    2. Pay attention to capital and small letters
    3. If options 1 and 2 don’t work, reset the password through the MOXO Login window.
    4. If option 3 doesn’t work, please contact our support team or your local MOXO provider.
  • Question

    How do I register a new patient?

    1. At the initial sign-in to the site you are redirected to the “new patient” page.
    2. On this page, enter the patient’s details and click “save”.
    3. Fill in the questionnaire (optional) and click “save”.
    4. Click on “add new test” on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Question

    How do I add a test to a patient?

    Tests can be added in two ways:

    • Click “add new test” once you’ve added a patient and filled in their personal details.
    • Verify that the patient’s name and age are correct, and most importantly, that the correct package was selected in the “please select a package” field. (When selecting the package, the number of tests remaining in this package are indicated in brackets).
    • Add medication (if necessary) and click on “submit”.
    • Click “Run test” to start the start.

    or, simply add a test by clicking “tests” in the main menu and the “add new tests” link. The select the patient name.