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Cutting edge Cloud based technologies focused on human cognition and behavior with a special emphasis on Attentional disorders

Eliminating undiagnosed ADHD is our mission.

Helping every person with ADHD improve their quality of life and fulfil their potential is our passion.

About Us

We strive to provide advanced solutions to help improve people’s everyday
functioning, well-being, academic abilities and achievements.
Neurotech Solutions is a leader in the area of attention with an expertise in attentional profiling and analytics. The company enjoys significant success with its MOXO tool for ADHD diagnosis already clinically adopted by numerous clinicians across the globe. Neurotech is highly engaged in innovative developments in these areas and strive to provide advanced solutions to help improve people’s everyday functioning, well-being, academic abilities and achievements.
Our Credo

I make my dreams a reality, fulfilling myself by continuous learning and exploration in order to become best at what I do. I act without ego, a positive thinker advocating solutions and actions. I am passionate about my work, my ability to contribute to society by improving patient’s lives. I am accountable for my actions and know that my coworkers will support me in my time of need, as I will support them. I am result orientated and loved to exceed expectations, I am MOXONESS.

Our customers
Our customers are the reason we continue to exist. We make it our mission to bring forth best in class products that are scientifically credible, deliver substantial added value above existing technologies, and will make their user experience effective, fun, and easy to use. We take it on ourselves to continue to surprise our customers with new and integrative ways of thinking about ADHD, suited for their individual needs.
Our Mission
Our mission is to help people who struggle with ADHD improve their quality of life and fulfil their potential. To that end, we transform clinical knowledge into insightful diagnostic tools, innovative treatment programs and efficient monitoring systems.

Our Products


MOXOd-CPT – The only fully online, cloud based validated CPT today was found to be highly effective in the measurement of Attentiveness, Impulsiveness, Timeliness and Hyper-reactivity, but it is due to the unique distractor system employed by the test that assisted to its quickly gaining popularity.
MOXO utilizes current and updated norm pool, containing over 900 international norms.


AXON™ School creates an attentional profile of the individual student, the entire class and grade, highlighting important information and suggesting ways to help children learn and function better at school and beyond. AXON™ School can provide concrete evidence to support the educational team’s professional approach; to better understand student needs and facilitate a parent-teacher communication about their child’s attentional challenges.

Awards and prizes

Israel Innovation
Authority IIA

Awarded a monetary prize to research development plan for improve processes in governmental offices. Machine learning bases on our data to predict the right medication and dosage – Personalisation of ADHD medication

SMEi phase 1 -
Horizon 2020 EU

Prize awarded for a business feasibility study – for Seemee mobile, self-assessment application for screening ADHD, utilizing CPT and event tracking

1st prize - Harel insurance with Tokio Marine

Technological solution for insurance companies recommending preventative measure for decreasing car accidents by screening young ADHD drivers for attentiveness influences of driving.

Top 10 of South summit
Innovation is business contest

presentation in the Summit – Seemobile, mobile based screening tool for ADHD utilizing CPT and eyetracking as a biomarker

Board of Directors

We see our board members as visionaries they invested in a company that plans to share the world of ADHD. We are committed to our shareholders to excel in all performance, pushing forward boundaries of possibility, maximizing resources utilization by doing more with less, and rigorously expanding our activities worldwide. By doing this, we will create an excellent return on investment for our shareholders and create a sustainable profitable business.
Yoav Ben Dror

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Yoav Ben-Dror is an experienced entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in technology, medical devices, and financial innovations.

Dr. Ben-Dror serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dagon Batey-Mamguroth Le-Israel Ltd. (silo houses), and Chairman of the Board of its subsidiaries, director at Final Inc.

(High-Frequency algorithmic trading –, and its subsidiaries, Director at PeakAlgo Ltd. (technologies’ development), Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fitango Inc. (care beyond point-of-care –, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Neurotech Solutions Ltd. (human cognition and behavior, with a particular emphasis on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – and of its subsidiaries, director at Travelsys4u Ltd. (a personal mobility system for senior citizens), director at Impact First Investments Ltd. (investment management firm that specializes in social investing –, director at Tabit Technologies Ltd. (solutions for restaurant management –, director at CarboFix Orthopedics Ltd. (orthopedic solutions – implants made of continuous carbon fiber reinforced polymer – Dr. Ben-Dror is one of the Founders of MindUp – Haifa’s Digital Health Incubator (a venture of Medtronic, IBM, Pitango Venture Capital, Impact 1st Investments and Rambam Medical Center – Dr. Ben-Dror is also Involved with CarboFix Spine Inc. (spine solutions – implants made of continuous carbon fiber reinforced polymer –, and with Ludus Materials Ltd. (Sport Technologies –
Dr. Ben-Dror is a director at ANU – making change LTD. (HLZ) (social activity –, at Hatnuah Hezrachit Hachadasha LTD. (HLZ) (social activity), a Trustee at The Hecht-Zilzer Trust (charity), and a Founding Partner of The Sohn Tel Aviv Conference (

Dr. Ben-Dror previously served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of PhotoMedex Inc. (NASDAQ: PHMD) (medical devices and services) (, and Chairman of the Board of its subsidiaries, director at Cellcom Ltd. (NYSE: CEL) (, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dubek Ltd. (, director at Magic Box Ltd. and was a member of the Board of Directors, Holon Academic Institute of Technology (public academic institution of higher education focused on sciences, engineering, computer science and technology, management of technology and design) (, and was a member of the Board of Trustees at Holon Academic Institute of Technology, and a director at Keren Shemesh Foundation for the Encouragement of Young Entrepreneurs (a philanthropic organization whose aim is to assist young entrepreneurs in establishing their first business, creating jobs for themselves and others – He was one of the founders of Amphorae Vineyard Ltd. (Winery – Israel) (

Dr. Ben-Dror was also Involved with InStent Inc. (medical devices—cardiology), Influence Medical Technologies Ltd. (medical devices—urology), and with Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies Ltd. (medical devices—spin).
Dr. Ben-Dror is a member of the Israel Bar and holds a Doctor of the Science of Jurisprudence (J.S.D.) from the School of Law (Boalt Hall) University of California, Berkeley.

Nir Yachin

Founder & Director

Our Team

Our employees are part of our family. We encourage our employees to make a difference in society by taking a personal interest in what the company is engaged with. We listen to our employees, valuing the contribution each employee brings to the table, and their unique perspective on things. We nourish effective cross-function teamwork that plans well, engage in innovative thinking processes and executes to target. We want our employees to smile on their way to work to feel appreciated, to be well remunerated and to passionately give their heart and mind to the organization.
Ohad Lavi


I’m a father to two children with ADHD. They are both amazing, each in their own unique way. Neurotech allows me to gradually change their world and the way they are perceived by others.
Amit Foox

V.P. Sales

Over fifteen years of experience in building commercial and marketing strategy and developing new business channels. Previously, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hospitech Respiration.
Roni Bochman-Ronen

Marketing Director

I am passionate about all things marketing related. But having a good and worthy product to work with brings gratification and a sense of purpose to life. Working with Neurotech solutions’ MOXO is just that kind of product. I feel I am doing something good for someone where in the world everyday.
Aviram Salomon

Product & Regulatory Director

For me Neurotech is my second house. After 11 years and still counting in the company I know that we make positive change in the field of ADHD and actually effect on the life of our end users. I am proud to be the product manager of MOXO.
Noa Kezurer

Product and Innovation Director

Elena Ivchenko

Success Engineer

Megi Franko

HR, Administration Manager

I am the office manager at Neurotech Solutions, and have many years of experience at employee management, procurement, accounting and sales. I support all training and sales process in Israel and abroad for MOXO, and help administer tests.

I Love my work. The MOXO team and the MOXO test.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 877041

In the United States ONLY, MOXO™ d-CPT should be used for cognitive assessment of attention and executive functions, and is not indicated for ADHD diagnosis

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