MOXO Teens & Adults


MOXO Teens and Adults test is a computerized d-CPT, covering ages 13 – 70 and serving as an objective tool to evaluate the patient’s attentiveness profile.

Exclusive to the MOXO Teens & Adult’s ADHD test is the distractor set that helps simulate the patient’s daily environment. The test which can only be performed in qualified clinics carries some distinct advantages:

  • Online, 18 minutes test and a matching graphical stimuli.
  • The unique distractor set, allowing the patient’s performance to be tested in various environments.
  • Current and updated norm pool, containing over 900 international norms.
  • Performance graph, enabling the patient’s performance to be measured over time (throughout the duration of the test).
  • Accessible and online intuitive interface, permitting the test to be performed from any computer with web-access, using a regular keyboard and requiring no specific software or hardware.
  • All information is highly secured according  to USA-HIPPA confidentiality laws and regulations (for more information read our privacy statement).

Here is a demonstration of one part of the MOXO Teens & Adults test: