Child Attentional Age Report

A unique development of Neurotech, which calculates attentive-cognitive age by comparing the patient’s performance with that of other age groups. The MOXO basic clinical report assess performance in relation to the norm group for the patient’s chronological age. For various reasons, a clinician might be interested in comparing the patient’s performance with age groups other than his chronological one. The Child Attentional Age report makes this possible by generating an output in a click of a button that compares the patient’s performance with each of the age groups in the age 7-12 range. This information allows the clinician to assess the child’s most resembling age group.
The report helps identify attentiveness developmental delays. When a child’s mental age differs from his chronological age, attentive performance can be evaluated to see if the performance on MOXO d-CPT is also lower than the chronological age. For example, children aged 7-12 with ADHD exhibited functional development delays in the MOXO test results, their scores indicated low performance with a two-year difference from their chronological ages. In addition to assist in diagnosing ADHD, this report enables the clinician to monitor the patient and evaluate efficacy of treatment by performing test/re-test overtime.