The MOXO Kids is specifically designed for children ages 6-12 and provides clinicians with a designated set of tools to aid in the process of ADHD diagnosis and patient monitoring.  MOXO Kids is a short, online Test, with a matching graphical stimuli and distractors set.

  • Online, 15 minutes test and a matching age-appropriate graphical stimuli
  • Multi languages audio instructions and an interactive practice session comprehensible for children
  • The unique distractor set, allowing the patient’s performance to be tested in various environments
  • Current and updated norm pool supporting the younger age spectrum of 6 years and above
  • Performance graph, enabling the patient’s performance to be measured over time (throughout the duration of the test)
  • Accessible and online intuitive interface, permitting the test to be performed from any computer with web-access, using a regular keyboard and requiring no specific software or hardware
  • All information is highly secured according to USA-HIPPA confidentiality laws and regulations (for more information read our privacy statement).

Here is a demonstration of one part of the MOXO Kids test: