MOXO Validation

The purpose of the described study was to evaluate the usefulness of the MOXO d-CPT, in supporting the diagnosis of ADHD in children (Berger et al., 2016). Participants in the validation study were 798 children aged 7 to 12 years, of them 493 boys and 305 girls. The study group included 339 children diagnosed with ADHD (and the control group included 459 children without ADHD. Participants in the ADHD group were recruited from children referred to the outpatient pediatric clinics of a Neuro-Cognitive Center, based in a tertiary care university hospital in Israel.

This study found statistically significant differences between the ADHD and control groups across four domains tested: attentiveness, timeliness, impulsiveness and hyper-reactivity demonstrating that the MOXO Test provides high sensitivity and specificity, which can help clinicians in the diagnostic process of attention.
Clin Neuropsychol 2016 1-13.