With more than 190,000 MOXO tests completed to date, MOXO d-CPT is known today as one of the leading validated CPT’s in the market.

Moxo was found to be highly effective in the measurement of Attentiveness, Impulsiveness, Timeliness and Hyper-Reactivity, but it is due to the unique Distractor System employed by the test that MOXO is quickly gaining popularity.

In order to focus on the seemingly simple MOXO task, the subject must ignore the visual and auditory distractions employed by the test, just as he would have had to do in real life. The subject must use active inhibition of distractors in order to make this work, which makes the test much more challenging and revealing.

After careful research on relevance of various distractors, elements were chosen for incorporation in either MOXO-kids version (6-12) or MOXO Teens & Adults version of the test (13-70). Both versions contain audio and visual distractors, varying by loads, symbols and appearance intervals, simulating daily-life attentional challenges.

On top of being the only Distractor based CPT, MOXO is also the only fully on-line, cloud-based  tool, which means you can conduct the test at any-time, any place with no hardware or installation needed. Imagine how convenient that can be for you and your patients.


  •  With its built-in distractor system, MOXO is the ONLY d-CPT that bridges between ADHD real-life challenges.
  • Image-based stimuli for specific age groups, which also ensures no language barriers for subjects.
  • Cloud-based service, no storage, installations or download needed, which means maximum flexibility for you and your patient
  • Comprehensive, immediate results that are easy to understand, facilitating practitioner-subject communication.
  • MOXO d-CPT is scientifically validated and published in leading journals. With over 17 clinical studies still in the running, Neurotech invests heavily in the clinical application of MOXO.
  • Diversified, multi-cultural norm base, collected under strict GCP guidelines, updated every 5 years with additional norms.
  • Secure patient data, HIPPA compliant.