Attentional skills include traits that are proved to be linked to creativity, impulsive behavior, decision making, social skills, learning patterns, multi-tasking, leadership, and more. While some solutions offer a way to evaluate certain aspects of human personality and skills, none focus on the key aspect of attention.

Substantial research done in the field of attention reveals strong ties between attentional skills such as:

  • Attentiveness: the ability to stay focused despite a boring task
  • Impulsiveness: Acting before thinking
  • Hyper-reactivity: Excessive unwanted reactions
  • Distractibility: the tendency to lose focus in the presence of auditory or visual distractors

And, key elements of performance: creativity, attention to details, decision making and even elements of interpersonal skills and job stability.
In work settings, attentional skills are critical for performance, yet there is no individual knowledge around these skills, leading to severe skill under-utilization, mismanagement and recruitment errors.

AXON HR, was developed with the idea of tapping into the predictive power of attention skills in order to better assess candidates and help employers make more accurate hiring decisions. As such, AXON provides the organization with an exceptional insight into its human capital as never before assessed.
Based on our proprietary, powerful and scientifically validated Attentional Profiling Engine AXON HR includes a is a short 18 minute, cloud-based, on-line, game-like test that objectively and accurately measures attentional skills. Skills measured are the result of the subject reactions to the test, compared to other subjects of the same age and gender.

Why choose AXON HR?

  • Increased recruitment efficiency: decreased costs, increase in recruitment speed, reduction in process error
  • Increased recruitment effectiveness: higher chance of top performance employees,  reduced churn rate
  • Positive and innovative perception on the organization by candidates

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