Management Team

I’m mostly distracted by my own thoughts.

I can work on something important and suddenly have this great idea that has nothing to do with my task which makes me drop everything and refocus on the idea…

Ohad Lavi, CEO

I find myself very sensitive to odors, scents and aromas of all kinds; these can really drag my focus off and totally manage my mind.

Karina Rubinstein, VP Business Development

I can be very focused and engaged in a conversation, until something triggers a thought about a task I need to take care of… I usually make sure not to forget it and only then can refocus on the conversation.

Maggi Rubin Cohen, VP Product Management  

Although Emails and phone calls are a major distractor and part of my work; staying connected with our customers is a key and I usually stop everything and give them my professional answer and solution

Eran Sandel, VP Sales

Ubuntu… Ubuntu… Ubuntu…

Philip Belder, CTO

Staying focused in my work is very important.
However, if I hear a song in the background that does not fit the atmosphere, I need to change it to ensure our customers and company receive the best support I can provide…

Aviram Salomon, QA Manager

I’m mostly distracted by trying to juggle five things at a time.
Trying to accomplish too many tasks can certainly make me lose focus…

Noga Mann, Customer Relations Representative

Disorganization can make me lose focus. When things are not organized the way I am used too I get easily distracted.

Megi Franko, office and HR Manager

I often find myself being distracted by my cell phone even when it’s completely silent…  Overtime, I have learned to hide it from sight, especially while working on attention- consuming projects.

Keren Peleg, Product Manager