About us

Neurotech Solutions is a leader in the area of Attention with an expertize in Attentional Profiling and Analytics.  The company enjoys significant success with its MOXO tool for ADHD diagnosis already clinically adopted by numerous clinicians across the globe. Neurotech is highly engaged in innovative developments in these areas and strive to provide advanced solutions to help improve people’s everyday functioning, well-being, academic abilities and achievements.

Our mission is to help people who struggle with ADHD improve their quality of life and fulfill their potential.
To that end, we transform clinical knowledge into insightful diagnostic tools, innovative treatment programs and efficient monitoring systems.

I make my dreams a reality, fulfilling myself by continuous learning and exploration in order to become best at what I do. I act without ego, a positive thinker advocating solutions and actions. I am passionate about my work, my ability to contribute to society by improving patient’s lives. I am accountable for my actions and know that my coworkers will support me in my time of need, as I will support them. I am results oriented and love to exceed expectations, I am MOXONESS.